Product review: Raw Gorilla

Hey guys!

This evenings product review is for the delightful Raw Gorilla company. Their products are raw, gluten, dairy, soy and egg free free, vegan and paleo. There are no additives, preservatives or colours in sight and all their yummy food is hand crafted to perfection. They are simply combinations of natural and delicious products blended with amazing superfoods like raw cacao, lucuma and maca.

I was lucky enough to try their original crispies with tiger nuts, the raw maca and cinnamon munchies and cacao and lucuma munchies. Firstly, the munchies! My favourite way to eat these is as an energizing post yoga and pre gym snack to satisfy my very sweet tooth! These cute lil’ bites are a divine blend of sprouted buckwheat and sunflower seeds, almonds, chewy fruits and energizing superfoods maca, with a subtle dash of cinnamon. They taste so so good and the texture is really unique!

The cacao and lucuma flavour are probably my favourite as I do love all things chocolatey! However do be warned this flavour is devilishly moreish! I also love these after the gym, but they are equally good as a yoghurt topping for a healthy dessert! All of their raw paleo snacks are high in fibre, gluten, dairy, soya and egg free with no added sugar. They also do two other flavours but I haven’t tried these, they are baobab, apricot&tiger nut and lemon, lucuma and coconut (which sound amazing!).

Now for the amazing original flavour crispies cereal, which won a well deserved Great taste award in 2016! These are high in fibre and protein, free from cane sugar, grains, dairy, wheat, gluten, soy, preservatives, artificial colourings or preservatives and GM. Perfect for people with allergies like me, or simply those who love coconut, fig and cashew breakfast cereal! I used it to make a scrumptious raw healthy cookie dough (for the recipe look at my chia pudding one but substitute the chia seeds for the raw gorilla crispies). Below is my breakfast using them!


This delicious cereal also comes in two other flavours: cacao or strawberry, which both sound amazing! They are available in most supermarkets or you can buy them off Raw Gorilla’s website here. I would definitely recommend you trying them as all the products I tried tasted absolutely amazing and are perfect for those who are vegan, paleo or with certain allergies!

Let me know if you have tried this brand, and if so what is your favourite product and flavour? Have you got any recipe recommendations? Feel free to let me know or ask any questions via email or the comments! Or alternatively you can contact Raw Gorilla themselves on their website or instagram here.

Happy snacking!


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    Thank you for this review! I am always looking for new foods and snacks and I want to share this review with my audience.

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    1. My pleasure! I would definitely recommend this brand, if you want to check out more products I have plenty more brands on my blog!


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